My Experience

Today, i want to tell you about my story when i am in the situation that i am feel so grateful because of the kindness of others.I have that one unforgettable experience in my life. When i was a kid, to be exact when i was in my house. My house is pretty quiet untill the lamps turns off. The electricity is off because of heavy rain. It was very dark and i am so scared to darkness. So, my mom light a candles. It was the first time i see the light (fire) from candle.
I am so curious. I wonder what actually is that. So i touched it. But i am not feel anything. I am still want to know. So, i took a tissue and draw closer to the fire and yes. The tissue is burning and i am still holding that burning tissue. I was shocked. Very shocked. I was stuck in silence. I don't know what to do and the tissue is still burning in my hand.
Luckily, my aunt saw me in that panic situation. She helped me out. Her movement is so fast so i helped. But she does'nt. Her hand is hurt by the fire. I am …

First Meeting Conversation

Hi, I'm Back!

Today, my English teacher gave me some task. I have to make a dialogue about informal first meeting with new friends. We have to find a partner and for this time, i am in pairs with Nursyifa Akmalia. Let's see our conversation ☺

    On the first day of placement class. Syifa and Kiyas met at school gate. They often meet but don't know each other yet. They about to check which class are they placed. Evidently, they are placed in the same class.

Syifa  : "Hey! why don't you go inside? what are you doing here?"

Kiyas : "I am waiting for someone who want to go inside with me, i am a little shy to go inside alone"

Syifa  : "Really? if that so, would you go inside with me?"

Kiyas : "Sure! if you dont mind that"

Syifa  :"Of course not. By the way, i often see you before. But i forgot where.. Are you in group 2? i                often visit group 2 to meet my friend"

Kiyas :"Yeah, your face looks familiar. You…

All About Me

Hello!☺My name is Kiyasati Putri Kurniasih. You can call me Kiyas or Kay (my closest friend call me that) or whatever you want. I am a student of three senior highschool Bandung. I almost 15 years old now. My birthday is on 23rd of August. I have two younger sister. One is 13 and the second one is 12. 

My hobbies is drawing, making any creativity, and singing (altough im not good at singing). I love drawing. For me, drawing is my way to express the feeling when i can't express well my feeling at that time. My favourite food is noodle or something spicy. Personally, i love animal. My favourite one is cat. So i have many cats in my home haha.

How about my dream? I have a lot of dream. I want being a student of Institute Technology Bandung. I want to study machine's technic in ITB or architect. And i want to continueing my study in German. And when i came back from German, i want to build up my country and bring Indonesia to the better way. I want Indonesia to be better. Also i wan…